Big Red is moving to the Big 10.  Fantastic!

The academics will improve, as more money will hopefully bring more attention to what’s studied and the research performed.  It’s hard to think of this as dollars and cents–although the prime motivation–because the Nebraska tradition (it’s more than football to Nebraskans).

I’m also perplexed as to why Nebraska is the figurative bung in the barrel.  The Big 12 could continue to exist…why not add teams from another conference?  Why not try adding Boise and TCU into the mix?  The big 12 commissioner seems to be setting the conference up to be split apart/pillaged.  If he’s interested in the Big 12 existing 5-10 years from now, it’s a time for action and not ‘we’ve got a program in place and we’re giving it time to work,’ as stated.

I like the idea of Nebraska playing against Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and even Michigan State.  Each of these teams is either established and talented, or able to spring an upset (MSU).  Northwestern seems to knock off a big contender at the start of each season as well.  Matchups with Michigan and Penn State could be immediate rivalry games.  I was a Big 10 fan first.

Think also about the scheduling implications: with 12-16 teams, how do you make a schedule that keeps interest and works?  You could take the big 12 example and have two divisions, with regular cross-division games, but at what point does it stop becoming a Big Ten ‘Conference’ and turn into a Big Ten ‘League?’  I’m not interested in watching the NFL.

Poop on Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, Missouri, and the donkey kart they rode in on.  Hearing their fans talk bitterly about Nebraska leaving only proves there insignificance.  Loyalty to a conference?  How about loyalty to Texas?  It’s time to stop sucking that teat.

BCS implications?  Might as well not get into it, because it’s either going to majorly simplify the pipeline to the championship game, or be so contentious I stop caring altogether.  Either way, there’s a lot of bs and head-to-wall hitting before anything resembling coherence is presented.

In the end, the changes won’t happen until after this season.  So maybe that adds a little spice/importance to the Huskers proving they can handle the Big12 and aren’t leaving for easier, albeit more lucrative, pastures.  I won’t ‘miss’ watching games at Missouri, KU, KSU, or Iowa State, as all of those places have proven to be unwelcoming and extremely trashy.  Colorado to the Pac-10?  Haha! and good riddance! I say.  They’re a good fit for that scum.  USC’s going to be out of the post season picture (potentially) for awhile, so maybe Colorado can lure some of those Californians into playing football in the mountains.  I hear they like skiing and ruining quaint mountain towns (ex. Telluride), so it’s only a win for CU.  Besides, they couldn’t be any worse at football.

There will still be NU home games, and the away games will be a little farther away.  But the University of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan have stadiums and atmospheres that would be cool to experience.

The only other thought on my mind right now is this:  F-you Jim Tressel, the buckeye, and the arrogant university you coach.  You are ‘The’ biggest douche in college football.


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