I know it’s coming a little late, but it is appropriate that I spend a little time talking about how bad the officiating has been during this year’s World Cup.

Lets start with the discussion of goals — or disallowed goals to be more specific. There have been two glaring examples of horrible officiating when it comes to goals scored, the USA-Slovenia and England-Germany games come to mind.

In the first example, the USA obviously scored a goal — a legit goal — while having at least three players being fouled in the box. And in the second, England had a shot that went two yards past the end line be called a non-goal for lack of official seeing it pass the line.

At this level, you have to make those calls. Let’s first think about the USA goal. What might have happened with confidence after pulling out that come-from-behind victory that would have been so historical? Three goals in the second half and flying high into the next match?

That confidence would have been invaluable for a USA team that had no prolific finishers in the front line. Could it have changed the way the team would have played in the next set of matches? Maybe given a boost to the attack knowing they could score goals against an “organized side”?

At this point, who knows? Anything would have been possible.

When it comes to England, one has to wonder how different the game would have ended with the score being it’s rightful 2-2 at half time. The Three Lions wouldn’t have been so dejected and might have been able to push forward and fight back against the Germans. However, we’ll never know.

Now, lets talk about cards. Seriously refs? Really?

Kaka gets a second yellow for running by an opposing player as this player fell to the ground holding his face? Perhaps you’d like to explain Robbie Findley getting a yellow for the ball hitting him in the face and then his hand?

Don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of rejoiced when Findley was ruled out of the next game, but he didn’t deserve that yellow.

This is the world’s biggest stage — even bigger than they Olympics — and in this tournament we have not seen the world’s best officiating.

Yes, there have been some very well officiated games, but there have been twice as many poorly officiated ones.

FIFA, you can do better. In fact, you should be working your tail off to be doing better right now! There is still time, and there is much to learn from.

There are eight games left, lets make sure those games are about what’s happening on the field — not what’s happening between the ears of a FIFA sanctioned official.


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