I’m not a big Dutch fan.

I’m not a spain fan.

Spain:  they’re so wasteful

The Netherlands: one left-footed fall on the ground flop away from a championship.

Interested?  Not at all.

But try to follow any of it on the ESPN gamecast?  Not a chance.

My submissions to JameleHill, Leander, Chris Jones, JeffBradley, and family on the ESPN Gamecast:

me:  what should be a great midfield transition game has been so tick tac

and lunging

spain is doing what they’ve done the whole tournament

except their short passes are really bad today

there’s no form for either team

The one and only positive to come out of this being the last day of the world cup is that  we won’t be subject to such poor coverage of the game by this group of gamecast bloggers.  Unprofessionalism and humorism are not the way to follow a game for those of us who are trying to follow the game.  You are each a disgrace to your profession and I look forward to ignoring your poor efforts for the next 4 years.

if i were relying on their coverage (as i did for several of the games i had to follow while in the lab) I’d be furious

Coverage of this world cup by this group of writers/gamecasters is exactly why the sport has not achieved acclaim in the U.S.  You represent the overconsumption of ignoble information and also the epitomy of uselessness.  God forbid you are given anything but unemployment for your efforts this past month.

the few times I’ve followed an ESPN gamecast of a soccer game, I’ve come away from it thinking I was just reading the thoughts of either someone who doesn’t know soccer or a soccer snob

neither of which is entertaining

You are truly an abomination.

This is just a bunch of jokes back and forth between the 5 people who sign on from espn

all of the write poor and dumb articles

there’s a game update like once every 10 mins

it’s stupid

and I hate you for it.

That’s fine, commentator one, that your favorite snack food is chips and salsa.  And you, commentator two, i agree that macgyver was a great show.  But does it really matter?  You don’t mention untl the 47th minute that the second half has started, and with a billion people supposedly watching this game I think you’re in the minority of what is considered important.

there are 6 of you! for gods sake

someone has to catch it!

me:  Really, espn, you have 5 people adding commentary to user comments, and 1….yes, 1, person actually covering the game.  Really.  REALLY?

me:  The last 8 comments have been from users who have responded “good one chris,” “Jemelehill, you’re wrong but I love you,” and “I agree, Leander”


One of these guys is in charge of which comments are shown

at least

take a moment from the self-supported back patting to actually DO YOUR FUCKING JOB

Why even have a user comment section

it’s counter to appreciating the game

why would anyone care about getting their comments posted on the gamecast

it just shows that you’re not as involved in actuallywatching the game

Damn you ESPN for ruining my game experience

I want the gamecast open so I can follow fouls, cards, shots, and formations as they happen

not for the distracting self-emulating blogging of bad writers

Good riddance, good day, and you’re all fired from my appreciation


One Response to “ESPN Gamecast: World Cup Final”

  1. jdschaefer Says:

    Thanks to Mike for fueling this rant.

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