Feeling grumpy? Welcome to the Directed Rage Page, where we will give you something random to vent at. So spend a few minutes directing your fury at whatever picture we’ve found. Say what you want. Pretend the picture of a cow is a picture of your boss and tell it what you really think of the new policy that requires you to pay the office for any personal photocopies you make. We’ll post a new picture every Friday, and after that, you can just hammer away in the comments section. So pick a target from below, and rage away. We won’t judge.

7.9.2010 – The Curious Kitty

You can say what you want to Mr. Fluffyfeet. He has very thick skin, so go ahead and rage away.

He won’t tell. Neither will we.

Rage at Mr. Fluffyfeet

– – – – – – – –

7.16.2010 – Little Timmy

There’s just something about youth sports that bring out borderline maniacal rage in people. So why did Timmy let the ball in this time? Poor technique? Not practicing enough? Stupid effing ref?

Little Timmy’s mom isn’t around to stick up for him.

Rage at Little Timmy

– – – – – – – –

7.23.2010 – The Child Star

You’ve had it up to here. The music. The caustic screaming form hordes of pubescent girls. The stupid name. You curse Canada’s very existence every time you see his rat-like features.

You’ve heard enough from Justin Bieber. Now let him hear a little from you.

Rage at the child star

– – – – – – – –

I spent all night on the roadside in Iowa with a flat once. The best moment was when a pig truck drove by.8.6.2010 – Fields of Opportunity

There you are, driving along, happy as a clam (however happy they are) as you plug along through the Midwest on your way to your final destination. You’re cruising along with the AC blasting and tunes bumping and WHAM! You find yourself in what is, quite literally, the middle of nowhere. Yes, you’re in Iowa, and you’re not gonna take it!

So be honest: What do you think about Iowa?

Rage at Iowa