Are you serious? You’re going to start slowing down in the middle of the street, with no warning. Come to a complete stop and just sit there.

Nevermind that there are five cars behind me, let alone you. Still you need to make that left turn, and you need to make it now, that I understand.

With that in mind, however, I can’t understand why you would mysteriously stop without letting us six cars behind you know what you’re about.

You’re going to turn? Cool, just let me know! Use your blinker, it’s there for a reason.

I mean, I don’t mind waiting for your turn to be made if you let me know you’re trying to turn. However, if I’m behind you and just waiting with no indications of what is going on, I’m not going to be too pleased.

It is not too much to ask for, that you be a courteous driver, pay attention to the road and notice that other people are on the road too.

So please, realize that there are others there, and we need to get somewhere too. Use your freaking turn signals you jerk!


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