When things just aren’t going right, sometimes a pep talk just isn’t what does it. There’s times when reading or listening does absolutely nothing to stop the urge to spew forth with whatever is on your mind. We get it. It’s manifested itself for all of us here, usually in the form of terrible nicknames for co-workers, like Butterface, Stupid Payoff Lady, Let Me Google That For You Girl, Not a Cougar, and You Were Pregnant?

Sometimes, you just need to rant, and we have a couple options for you to go at it.

Head over to our Directed Rage Page, where we’ll give you a target for your ire. Every Friday, we’ll find a new picture that can handle abuse like Tina Turner.

Just for good measure, here’s a list of random diatribes on whatever is just grinding our gears.

7/01/2010: FIFA Refs

7/02/2010: Use your turn signals

7/02/2010: Sportsmanship v. Gamesmanship

7/04/2010: How about a little killer instinct?

7/09/2010: Nebraska to the Big Ten

7/11/2010: ESPN Gamecast–World Cup

7/19/2010: A Letter to a Plagiarist

7/19/2010: Women’s Soccer


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