We hope you’re enjoying I Need a Pep Talk so far. It’s in its infancy, but as we begin to make people aware of it, we hope that you’ll participate in one of the following ways:

  1. Tell us where you need motivation. Just post a comment on the Help Me page with what’s troubling you. If we think it’s a worthy topic, we’ll post a page for it where anyone can leave you a little motivation. From time to time, we’ll even pull the best user submissions and put them on the front page as an entry all its own.
  2. Post a pep talk. From the Help Me page, you’ll notice several links for various topics people have submitted. Actually, they’re mostly topics we threw up on our own, but check back periodically for new pep talk submissions. Remember, people are counting on you. YOU!
  3. Leave a comment. If one of our current pep talks could use some improvements, leave them behind.
  4. Drop us a line. Feel free to email us.