Our back-to-school series moves forward with part three of six.

Every year, as predictably as death and taxes, school starts all over the country, and with both children and teachers not quite ready to get back at it, day planners get filled with easy, gimme point assignments, like having a parent sign a syllabus, bringing in a box of tissues, and the traditional covering of the textbooks, a task so pointless and mundane that many grades the world over have slipped down a peg because a student just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe you were one of those kids, and you vowed to yourself that you’d never slip from an A to an A- again because of some stupid book. Now you’ve got the chance again, but what’s this? All of a sudden, an A- doesn’t seem so bad relative to the misery of spending 5 minutes covering a book. Not this year! (more…)