If you need something to keep your cooler full of beer from sinking while you lie in the pool all day, these come in REALLY handy.

Stranded? You'll need more than a pep talk. And how are you getting Wi-Fi all the way out there?

Got a case of the Mondays? Hungover? Need to ask that cute girl in English class out but you’re afraid the captain of the football team will get there first?

You need a pep talk. If you have an idea for a pep-talk subject, submit it using the comments section below or email us at ineedapeptalk[ ]gmail[ ]com. Fill in the brackets. (You know the answer. The spambots don’t, at least not yet.)

To help someone else out, pick one of the subjects below and leave a pep talk in the comments section. We’ll periodically take the best user-submitted pep talks and post them on the main page. One day, we might even give out prizes.

Submit a pep talk for:

Asking someone out on a date

Someone who partied too hard on a weekday

Someone who needs to quit being emo

Prepping for a roadtrip

Someone suffering from writer’s block

Someone whose coworkers talk too much


7 Responses to “Help Me!”

  1. jdschaefer Says:

    How to stop being Emo.

    How to become Emo.

    Motivation for asking a girl out.

    Pep talk for roadtrips.

  2. Bill Says:

    Stayed out too late and have to go to work

  3. Brian Says:

    Pep talk to submit ideas for pep talks

  4. Pep talks to help me write fiction. I like to write about anything or everything but I need the motivation to write fiction; not reviews or reports. Fiction. The kind that takes imagination and transcendence.

  5. Bill Says:

    I need to be able to work through people in my office talking incessantly. Why can’t they shut up?

  6. Anne Says:

    My boyfriend won’t shave his mustache.

    I need to apply to graduate school.

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