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Here’s part two of six in our back-to-school series.

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting all summer for, and you’re only hours away from finally making it.  Today will have more impact on your playground popularity than any other day this year.  Today is the big tryout, and that bell won’t ring soon enough.



It’s almost football season, which is great enough as it is, but the related fact that it’s almost time for fantasy football season has you a little fearful of a repeat of last year. Three point losses, dropped touchdown passes, untimely fumbles: All the bad luck in the fantasy world befell you last year. So who can blame you if your enthusiasm for the 2010 fantasy season isn’t what it was this time last year? You just need a pep talk to get your inner scout working and figure out a plan of attack for 2010. (more…)

When Joey Schaefer’s soccer team, the The Bieber Exterminators, takes the field for the first time this week, they will be a ragtag group without team jerseys. Instead of sharp, uniform outfits, they’ll be a motley collection of similar shades of red T-shirts and whatever shorts they can stumble upon. (more…)