Coach Carlos Lucena gives his team, believed to be the only soccer team in the world for dwarves, a pep talk in preparation for a big match.

Let’s face it: Sometimes, it’s just not your day, and there’s nothing to pick you up more than a rousing pep talk. We think of pep talks as a coach firing up a team, an executive appealing to the board, or John Belushi’s motivational speech in Animal House. Whatever form it comes in, a pep talk can motivate you to push forth and conquer adversity.

But the drawback to pep talks is this: They’re reserved for critical moments. But don’t these moments carry enough consequence without rhetoric? You shouldn’t need oratory inspiration to win the Super Bowl; of course you don’t want to be remembered as second-best. You don’t need Knute Rockne to fire you up to write your final paper; the fear of failure if you don’t will spur you on to at least turning something in, even if it means you don’t sleep.

The bottom line is this: The hardest things to do are the little ones. (Heh. TWSS.)

And that’s where this blog comes in. It was born out of an impromptu pep talk to a friend who wasn’t sure soccer would make him feel better at the end of a long day. That talk was followed up by a pep talk to stop talking about going to the bathroom and to just go. So you’re tired; it’s bedtime; you have to take out the trash. Oh sure, it could wait until morning, but do you really want to get up five minutes early to get the job done? Just do it now. I Need A Pep Talk is your source for motivation for the mundane.


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  1. planejaner Says:

    fun site!

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