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Fear upon violent fear! Gasp! You’ve got school tomorrow!  Almost, you can hear the screeching of brakes that will sound as the bus pulls up in front of your house in the morning at 7:15 am sharp.  How could this be?  How could this have happened?  What did you do to deserve this!?!?

Upon awakening this morning, you knew something was different.  The sun had risen, you assumed, like any other day, although the event had not been seen in some months.  Sitting up, the feeling of discontent had grown.  ‘What is it?’  you exhaled quietly while rubbing the light from your eyes.  As sleep slowly began to slide away, you surveyed the scene blearily:  shirts and grass-stained shorts crumpled on the floor, old candy bar wrappers working a path away from the waste basket, and that stack of school supplies waiting to be sorted for tomorrow.  Everything in its place.  Everything  seemingly norm…SCHOOL TOMORROW!

Aren’t there laws against a shock like this?

It’s been 20 minutes since that mid morning gut punch, and suffice to say that you’ve felt far better than you do right now.    Ok, sure, you saw this coming from a mile away…three months away, actually.  But really, those months went by so quickly!  Thoughts of squandered afternoons, missed opportunities, and adventures un-embarked flood your mind.  ‘If only I hadn’t been so foolish!’ you moan.

Well, friend, you were that foolish.  And now, on this last day of summer, you’re ill-prepared.

First things first: Go to the bathroom and put both hands on the sink.  Look up.

You see that?  That’s you compadre.  You’re that guy.  You’re pale, sweaty, and your skin hasn’t seen enough sun.  Well, it’s too late for that now.

Still looking?  Good.  Now repeat after me:  I Have School Tomorrow.  Say it.

“I Have School Tomorrow”

You hear that?  That’s the truth, and it don’t lie.  Say it again.

“I Have School Tomorrow”

Believe it.  Know it.  Accept it.

“I Have School Tomorrow”

Embrace it.

You heard me: EMBRACE IT!

“I Have School Tomorrow!”

In this case, good things don’t come to those who wait.  We’ve got to be active.  We’ve got to seize this day.  It’s our time.  It’s your time.  YOUR TIME.  After today, your free time goes MIA.

What you do is up to you.  It’s YOUR TIME.

We’d suggest starting with bacon.  Lots of bacon.  Studies show eating too much bacon will probably kill you.  Studies also show that bacon is delicious.  You decide.

Stop worrying about the week ahead!  Sure, you’ve got tryouts to impress, lockers to fill, bullies to manage and dances to fear, but we’ve got your back.  We’ve got things covered.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll give you the daily helping of courage it takes to handle the essentials and get the semester started on the right foot.  It’ll be easy.  You’ll be fine.

So get out of this bathroom!

Grab some breakfast/lunch/afternoon snacks/dinner? and enjoy what’s left of this Last Day.

And let us worry about tomorrow.