Ok, listen up! We’re on a mission to find the greatest pep talks in history, tournament style. So here’s what we need: contenders, and lots of them. We’re looking for as many pep talks as possible to fill our tournament, and while we could just scour the interwebs for our favorites, we’d like our readers to nominate their favorites. The rules are pretty simple: Nominations must be motivational speeches and there must be either transcription or (preferably) video footage of them available.

Here’s how the rest of it will work: We’ll take the nominees and split them randomly into groups. We’ll put up a new group every week or so, and readers will vote for their favorite pep talk from the group. At the end of the voting period, we’ll take the group winners and runners up and seed them by the percentage of votes they get and put together a knockout tournament of great pep talks. So submit you nominees now!