It’s an old saying: If you want something done right, do it yourself. But this ancient motto is just as true today as it was when first uttered. Look around your workspace. It’s absolutley filled with ineptitude and ignorance. It can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be.

It must be tough right now. You look downtrodden and beaten by the rigors of another day with these morons. Your spirit is more crushed than those sample materials you spent all morning on just to watch someone else’s carelessness destroy. And let me tell you, those samples are pretty smooshed.

I know how you feel. Solitary. Alone. It’s you against the world. These people can’t do anything right. Hell, you don’t even trust them to brew more coffee.

It’s such a burden to be the only capable thinker in a room full of idiots. But that’s your burden to carry. Jesus had his cross. Frodo had his rings. Billy Ray Cyrus had an Achy Breaky Heart.

But it could be worse. I mean, Jesus ended up dying. Frodo got his finger bitten off by a gollum. Billy Ray spawned Miley. So buck up, kiddo. It’s just time for a perspective change.

You’ve been looking at work the wrong way for far too long. It’s OK. You’ve been indoctrinated since preschool to think of yourself as part of a group, just one of the gears driving a big machine. You were part of a team. Part of a group. Part of a wolfpack.

But you’re not. You’re a lone wolf, strolling from one rocky precipice to the next. You look out for yourself. Just yesterday, you took down a whole herd of deer all by yourself, just for fun. Then, with a pack of other drooling wolves looking on, you ate every carcass, even though you weren’t hungry. Why?

Because YOU CAN. You didn’t need those idiots to get where you are now, and you don’t need them to help you get to where you need to be.

So walk out to the edge of the nearest cliff. Tilt your head back. Let’s hear you howl. Let’s hear you scream that canine phrase that means, “Forget all of you, I can do this shit myself.”