You’re a man.  You may be close to 40.  But you’re not Mike Gundy and nobody cares about your YMCA football team.  When the familiar heart pounding of too many caffeine infused beverages begins to get the better of you, consider the following…

OH NO.  You’ve done it again.

You’ve drank too much coffee and all that inspiration is giving you a seizure.

You can barely see.  You are losing focus.  You’re sweating.

And your co-workers are starting to notice.

You’re feeling aggressive and confrontational. 

You’re feeling like it’s time for business.


You’ve gone and gotten TOO motivated for your pay grade.

But you can’t act like a sugar infused 10 year old.

You’ve got to KEEP IT TOGETHER.

Suffice to say, this happens.  It’s not what you wanted, and it doesn’t add to your productivity.  That is, unless checking your email every 30 seconds and not being able to remember the last productive thing you did are a few of the tasks at your job.

YOU’RE NOT A SECRETARY.  Unless you are, and, well…..CARRY ON!!

This is a time to take a break.

Get up! Walk around! Recycle those papers on your desk!

In fact…


Don’t be a slob!

You’ve got to do something to release some energy!

Studies show that a cleanly desk is a productive desk.

Your boss might even notice your organization skills.

Just don’t do it every day.

That’s weird, and will probably cause your co-workers to think you have OCD.  You’ve seen how cruel they can be.

So, stop sipping that cup. 

Stand up, and CLEAN YOUR DESK.

And next time, moderation chief. Moderation!