Rarely it happens, and when it does your heart sinks with the knowledge that everything you’ve done today is gone, and it was totally preventable.  There’s no getting around this one.  Things are bad.  Really bad.  But before you fret, read this pep talk and reassess the situation.

Oh, you’ve got to be F’ing kidding me!

A whole day’s work is totally FUBAR and you’ve got to do it all over!

You’re twice as screwed as that guy who only lost a half day of work.

Your work is as good as garbage and you’re sick with the thought of the redo.

And, really, it’s all your fault.

Let’s recycle this situation.

First, get serious.  100% of all accidents are not preventable.

That’s why they’re called accidents.

But this was a mistake, not an accident.

There’s probably a handful of things you could have done to prevent this from happening.

Forget about it!

There’s no time to linger in despair.


If this really is as bad of a situation as you think, then you better fire up Plan B.

What?! You don’t have a Plan B?  You rode into this battle on a three legged donkey and only one bullet in the chamber, and now you’re going to pay for it.

Lose that beast!  It was only weighing you down!

Save that shot!  You’ll only get one more crack at this before you’re entirely lost.

And you’re not going to shoot from the hip this time.

You’re going to focus.

You’re going to figure out exactly what is required.

You’re going to do that now, and leave the rest for later.

It’s time for meat and potatoes.  Your Boss wants to eat!

Salad and frosting won’t satisfy anyone.

It just makes him want more GOD DAMN POTATOES!

So sit down, and get the vital stuff done on time.


You’ll be home before you know it.