It happens to all of us from time to time: the server goes down the second before we hit ‘save,’  or those assumptions we made when we arrived this morning don’t seem to be holding up after lunch.  In both cases, you’ve done a lot of work– high quality and otherwise– and now it’s worthless.  You have a decision, a decision we hope you make after reading this pep talk.

So here you are, sitting in disbelief.

You can’t believe it.

It’s 2pm and everything you’ve done since you walked in is worthless.

That decision, or lack thereof, to save your work really bit you in the ass this time.

Pulling that thumb drive out before safely disconnecting it finally caught up with you?

Those constraints you made weren’t referencing the right axis, and now you know.

The mistake seems obvious now, doesn’t it?

Well, that sucks.  You’ve wasted half a day, and have to work twice as hard to get the job done by deadline.  What a fantastically crappy situation.  Might as well just call it a day and accept the consequences, right?


This is the time when Average Men become ‘More than Average Men.’

This is a time when you rise to soar above mediocrity.

You know what your co-workers would do.  They’d give up.

But not you.  You’re going to get it done.  You’re going to be their BOSS….and this is a step in that path.

Average Men would sit and whine about this situation, waiting for someone to tell them it’s ‘ok, and it happens.’  These men are weak.

FAILURE HAPPENS.  It’s a part of life.

In fact, it’s what separates the meek from the mighty.


You should be thankful.  Now there’s pressure to get this done right.

Now there’s an edge of urgency you seldom get to experience.

Now there’s something to play for: YOUR PRIDE!

Do you accept defeat?


Do you turn to excuses?


Will you learn from your mistake and knock it out?


The sooner you start the sooner you’re done.