Sometimes a job just isn’t what you expected.  Sometimes you just can’t bridge the gap between a task and the motivation to get it done.  At those times you may feel down, bored, and entirely separated from work at hand.  As this pep talk points out, only your momma cares about your job satisfaction.  This pep talk is for anyone struggling through the depths of demotivation.

Hey there, sport, work got you down?

Feeling like you’re short on time and low on motivation?

Is your Project Manager uninspiring?  Group lead leaving much to be desired?

Or is ‘The Job’ not meeting your every moment’s needs?


You weren’t hired to love your job.  You were hired to GET THINGS DONE.

Nobody cares if you like your job.


When HR forwarded your resume to your boss’ boss, they didn’t do it as a favor to you.  They did it because you were the man for the job.


You’re the office chair quarterback, throwing touchdowns and taking names.

Your coach doesn’t know what he’s doing, and the refs have been screwing you all season.

As always, it’s on YOU.

Does anyone care if the quarterback ‘likes’ what he’s doing?


People only care if he throws touchdowns and gets the job done.

It’s time for hard-nosed defense, and astonishing offense.

It’s time to buckle down and get results.

It’s time to move forward and get first downs.

Hear those cheerleaders down the hall? They’re cheering for you.

It’s the fourth quarter, you’re down by 6 and there’s one minute on the clock.

Who’s the guy in line for promotion?  It’s YOU, after you SMASH THIS JOB.

Today isn’t just another day.  It’s THE DAY.  It’s THE DAY on which every day after today will be measured.  What you accomplish now could be the stuff of office legend.  IF YOU RISE AND CLAIM IT.

The old are too old and the young are too young.  You’re the only one with the arm and experience to handle this play.  You’re the one who’s needed.  You’re the one who can get it done.

So get out there.  Strap on that helmet, grind it out, and WIN THIS GAME.