It’s Wednesday. Hump day. The day after which everything is all downhill. Sometimes, this drives people on, providing motivation for a productive second half of the week. But sometimes not. Sometimes Wednesday comes with the dreaded thought that for everything already accomplished, the weeks is still less than half over.  Alex Haueter suffered from that mindset on this particular Wednesday. Between a freelance project and his job, it’s been nearly two weeks since his last day off, and he’s in the midst of an impressive string of 12-hour days. Long story short: Wednesday was not a welcome sign, and he needed motivation to keep on keepin’ on.

VROOM VROOM! Mother brotha!  It’s time to get UP and stop being down with the Wednesday blues.

So Monday didn’t quite treat you right?


Tuesday left you feeling out for the count?

No problemo chachito, it’s time to Stop that bitching and START making things happen.

It’s Wednesday.  Wednesday!  The day you started the moment you got out of bed.

That’s a big step.

That’s an achievement.

You got up and have been stepping all over this day from the moment your feet hit the floor.

That’s right, you’re in control, and you’ve got a mission:  It’s Wednesday, and it’s Time to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Toss aside that latte and listen up.  There are two types of people living in the world today: those who Wednesday, and those who don’t.  Today is the best day.

Today is THE day.

Today is Wednesday.

It’s your last chance to make something of this week.  You only get 52 a year, and you only have so many years before you’re past your prime.  NOW IS YOUR PRIME.  NOW IS YOUR TIME.

So tighten that belt, open those eyeballs, and rock that workload.  You’re a hurricane of productivity.  You’re unstoppable.  The Gulf oil leak and Katrina quail before you.  NOW,