Joey is having problems with samples he needs for his thesis research. We can’t really tell you much more, or the government will track you down.

Sit down, son. This is no time to be fired up. This calls for cooler heads to prevail.

So your samples aren’t turning out right? It’s frustrating, I’m sure. You’ve put time and thought into this, but it isn’t coming out as you’d hoped. Learn something anyway.

Look, Thomas Edison tried 3,000 times before he finally got the light bulb to turn on. Abraham Lincoln lost elections for the state legislature, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Look at him now: His face is on Mount Rushmore. Do you think Sony just up and manufactured a 3D television? Of course not. There’s probably a dumpster in Japan full of LCD TVs that do little more than give the viewer a headache.

But no one’s going to fault you for perseverance. You can keep trying, make another sample, do another experiment, and learn something new every time something goes awry. Long story short, humans fail. A lot. That’s the price of innovation. It might seem like a big price to pay, but remember: When it comes to paying for innovation, you’re rich.