This pep talk was to motivate Joey Schaefer, one of the blog’s contributors, to go play soccer and exercise after a long work day. It isn’t the Super Bowls and Game 7s that need huge motivational speeches. Everyone wants to win the trophy. That should be assumed. It’s the midseason games, the after-lunch meetings, and summertime blues that require a little extra spark to light a fire under one’s belly.

There comes a time in every player’s career when he needs to lift himself up and dust off. Maybe it just hasn’t been his day; maybe his form is down; maybe his legs are tired and his lungs weary. It doesn’t matter!

Because it’s in these times that legends are born. It’s in these times that great men rise up against all obstacles–mental and physical obstacles–and say, “I can do this!”
Say it loudly: “I can do this!”
And after you say it, after you yell it, believe it. And with every touch of the ball, tell yourself, “I can do this.” Your attitude will rub off on your teammates, and soon “I can do this” will become “We can do this,” and that’s the attitude a team needs. Every second, every minute, every hour: We can do this! When you’re winning: We can do this! When you’re losing: We can do this! WE CAN DO THIS! WE CAN DO THIS! We. Can. Do. This.
That’s how champions think.
Pep talk result: Joey’s team lost 5-4, but not because of Joey’s performance. He scored two goals.