The inspiration for this really needs no introduction. Let’s try to be mature here.


There comes a point in a man’s life where he faces a choice: Win or lose. Sit proudly through the tough times and emerge victorious, or stand up and walk away ashamed. A point where what he eats fights back. A point where he can sit on the can feeling sorry for himself, or he can sit on the can and say, “I’m going to finish what I’ve started.” A point where the literal shit hits the proverbial fan, and this–THIS–is where we find out what it takes to be a man.

It takes strength. Courage. It takes some pushing and straining.

It might even take popping a blood vessel in his eye. It might take burning the nose hairs of the people around him. People he loves, cares about, or at least works with and occasionally exchanges dirty emails with over the office network. It might take flushing twice and still needing to use the brush to get the streak to go away so his wife doesn’t get upset. But you know what that’s called?

Sacrifice. Dedication. Commitment to the cause.

Jesus had it; Ghandi had it; Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, Venus Williams–great men, all of them–all have it. They have it: that killer instink to get in that bathroom, brace their elbows against the wall, and do what has to be done. So shut the door tight, turn on the fan, grab the most recent Sports Illustrated, and get that food baby born!

Pep talk result: We’re TRYING to be mature, remember?